In my previous article, I highlighted some of the best mobile responsive WordPress Themes. Here are some more tips for optimizing a WordPress site:

Use a Managed WordPress Host

I recommend using a managed WordPress host. Managed hosts are optimized for WordPress, and they may even be optimized for your theme. The support staff can also help you with website difficulties and upgrades. These are my recommended hosts:

Use Stable WordPress Plugins

When I started web logging, my sites would often crash due to the unreliable WordPress Plugins I was using. These days, I only used vetted WordPress plugins.

Here a list reliable plugins (which are also used on this website):

These are plugins specific to Genesis Themes:

Create Essential Pages

It really helps if your site is straightforward and easy navigate. Be sure to include a Sitemap, an About Us page and a Contact page.

Install a Related Posts Plugin

I recommend using the Related Post plugin, or coding your own Related Post script.

Use a SEO checker

If you are looking to get the top of search engines listing, these SEO services can really help:

  • SheerSEO (monitors your SEO rankings)
  • Moz (a full suite of SEO tools)

Notify Google, Bing, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit

Alter the world to the presence of your site as soon as possible. It helps with the search engines. You can manually add your site to the search engines via these links: Google and Bing.

Monitor Your Site’s Uptime

When you are making money with your website, you must know immediately when it goes down. I use Pingdom to monitor all my sites — it will send me a email and SMS whenever a site goes down. I also set it to scan the make for a string of text, because sometimes a page will incorrectly redirect to another page, and Pingdom won’t sense a problem. However, if you set Pingdom to scan for a string of text you know should be on the page, you’ll avoid this issue.

Monitor Your Stats

Many people recommend Google Analytics for web statistics, but I don’t recommend Google due to privacy concerns. These are my recommended statistic services:

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