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Deploying a cloud server is easy with GoGrid. Simply select a server image and a server size (based on RAM) and you’ll be up and running in minutes.  Their server images use standard Windows or Linux Operating Systems with full root/administrator access, giving us the freedom to configure your cloud server however we’d like.

GoGrid is the only cloud operator to provide a true hybrid hosting infrastructure, which lets you build server networks that combine the elasticity of cloud computing with the control of physical servers via a web-based control panel.  GoGrid Dedicated Servers are available on your cloud VLAN and can be load-balanced the same as cloud servers and can connect to your GoGrid Cloud Storage.

With GoGrid, you can deploy Linux (and/or Windows) cloud servers instantly with just the click of a mouse and you’ll only pay for the deployed RAM and data transfer that you actually use. GoGrid is the only cloud provider that gives you the flexibility to choose between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003.

Summary:Cloud Hosting and Hybrid  Hosting Network Diagram
From Windows Server 2008 with SQL Server to Linux RedHat with PHP, Apache and MySQL we offer a wide variety of standard OS installs and common software packages and give you full root / administrator access.  One really nice thing is that GoGrid has partnered with dozens of companies to provide us with a full suite of server images created and mainted by their partner community. Some of their partner server images come prebundled with popular software and applications, others provide development and testing solutions, or disaster recovery and backup solutions, or cloud management solutions, and some provide solutions for cloud server security & monitoring.

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Reliability and Uptime:
Promising 100% uptime.  They keep everything public so you can see about everything that has happened in the past and what they have done to fix it.  It’s on Eblogger so even if they go down it won’t.

Customer Support:
GoGrid Cloud Support works around the clock, 24/7 support.  They only help with the base OS, they don’t support the applications, programs, nor do they troubleshoot problems with databases and stuff like that.

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