The maker movement is real.

To show you, here’s an infographic we’ve created to break down the power of the indie-preneur on Etsy:

So, Etsy stocks are sold on the stock market for years now. Initially, there were mixed feelings about this, however, things turned out to be just fine. On one side you’ve had cheers from sellers stoked about the huge exposure increase an IPO could mean for them, and on the other you’ve had the sellers who feel Etsy is fundamentally abandoning its initial indie values.

But you know what all this fuss really shows? A seriously passionate community of sellers, which stayed the same over these years!

With a shift towards more flexible work in recent decades and the instability of the economy, Etsy has become the home of new opportunities for the indie-preneur.

In fact, Etsy made $200 million in revenue last year alone, with a solid 60% yearly increase for the last 3 years, giving 1.4 million active sellers a home for their products.

So whether you think Etsy is “selling out” or not, the power of the microbusiness isn’t slowing down.

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