I might have been a bit quiet lately on this blog, but the world of WordPress is constantly evolving and I worked hard to keep everything up to date, as well as providing more features to my existing plugins and also thinking on and developing new plugins. Whenever a brand new version of WordPress is due, I am double-checking that my plugins will work flawlessly on each updated WordPress sites.

Speaking of features, setting up multilingual installations is one of those things that the users of my plugins seem to be doing quite often. I’ve built internationalization support into my plugins, so people are able to translate them, since day one. However, translating a plugin and having a multilingual website, is a whole different story as WordPress can’t handle multilingual websites natively.

That’s where WPML comes into play.

WPML allows you to set up a multilingual website in a few minutes, literally! Believe me, once you try this plugin, your problem will be finding translators. Oh wait, you can find translators right from within the plugin itself!

What came natural was to make my plugins compatible with WPML. Although I have already implemented generic support into most of my plugins, you might come across some rough edges. So, I decided to commit into making my plugins officially compatible with WPML, in cooperation with the folks over at WPML.

As a result, I am happy to announce that besides of Echo RSS which was already WPML compatible, 3 more plugins are now officially approved WPML-compatible plugins:

I hope this update will be good news for the current and future users of these plugins!

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